iPet Rock HD iPet Rock HD

The rock simulator for your iPad.
Open your heart and adopt a new pet today!

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*** Stunning high resolution images! You haven't seen a rock until you've seen iPet Rock HD! ***


+ Name your pet.
+ Pick a rock type for your pet from a number of different and exotic rocks.
+ Put your pet in a number of beautiful backgrounds.
+ Your pet loves to be in pictures! Use any photo from your photo album to put your pet into any picture.
+ Save pet pictures to your photo album for later viewing.
+ Email pet pictures to your friends.
+ Shrink/Grow - Your pet has the ability to shrink to a tiny pebble or grow to a huge bolder! Touch your pet with two fingers and drag them together or apart to shrink or grow your pet.
+ Watch your pet go through a number of different moods thought the day.
+ Track your pets age.
+ Always have a friend. :-)


Your pet can perform a number of tricks to impress you and your friends.

Stay - Tell your pet to stay. Watch as it doesn't move.
Move - With a little help from you, your pet can move up, down, left, or right! Simply touch your pet and drag it in the direction you would like it to go.
Roll Over - Double tap your pet to get it to roll over. This is one of your pets most impressive tricks!
Shake - Shake your device, your pet will return to its default state and shake back and forth for you.
Hide - Your pet is a master at camouflage! Touch your pet with three fingers and it will hide from you. Touch the screen with three fingers again to get your pet to show itself.

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Screen Shots:

iPet Rock HD Default Screen
iPet Rock HD Nest Screen
iPet Rock HD Slime Screen
iPet Rock HD Album Screen
iPet Rock HD Ocean Screen

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