Magic Rock Paper Scissors Magic Rock Paper Scissors
For iPhone and iPod touch.

Amaze your family and friends by always knowing the outcome of a game of rock, paper, scissors!

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The Trick:

Show your friend the app.
Show how it allows you to create a fight between fighters using rock, paper, and scissors as weapons.
Show how you are able to change weapons and change fighters.

Give your device to your friend.

You: I'll bet that even after you mix things up I'll know the outcome of any fight.
Friend: Sure, that's impossible!

You: Change any of the weapons.
Friend: Ok, done.
You: Now pick any two fighters to fight. Tell me their colors and I'll tell you who will win.
Friend: Red vs. White.
You: White wins!
Friend: Correct!

You: Now change any of the fighters.
Friend: Ok, done.
You: Do you want to change another fighter?
Friend: Ok, changed.
You: Let's do another fight. Tell me the colors of any two fighters and I'll tell you who will win.
Friend: Blue vs Red.
You: Red wins!
Friend: Correct again! Wow!

You: This time make a change and don't tell me if it is a weapon or a fighter.
Friend: Ok, done.
You: Would you like to make another change to either the fighters or weapons?
Friend: Ok, I'll make another change.
You: Is everything mixed up or would you like to make another change?
Friend: It's all mixed up.
You: Now I'll tell you the outcome of a grand match up between all the fighters!
You: Red will beat Blue!
You: Blue will beat White!
You: White will beat Red!
Friend: All correct! Amazing!
Friend: < Mind Is Blown! >

The Secret

Get the app to learn the secret of how to always know the outcome of a fight.
Performing the trick takes a small bit of thinking but can easily be learned in just a few minutes.
Password protect the trick secret so only you will know how it's done.
Scroll to the bottom of the Info screen to view the tick secret.

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