Geomatch HD Geomatch HD
For the iPad

Geomatch HD is a pass-and-play geometric matching game that's fun for players of all ages!

Geomatch HD has easy to learn rules that make it fun to play and it's open gameplay style keeps the strategy challenging in every game!

Find a friend or family member and start playing Geomatch HD today!

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+ Use one iPad to create pass-and-play games for 2 to 4 players

+ Have multiple games going at once

+ Customize the number of objects used in a game for quicker or longer games

+ Add wild objects in your games for bigger scoring and mixed-up play

The Game:

Each player takes a turn placing objects on the game board trying to score points by creating horizontal and vertical lines of objects.

Each line can be made of objects with the same shape and different colors or of objects with the same color and different shapes.

A point is scored for each object in the line that a newly played object is added on to.

Each line can contain up to 7 objects with no duplicates and creating a complete line of 7 earns an extra 7 bonus points!

Each player takes turns playing objects on the game board until none remain in the game.

The player that runs out of objects first earns an extra 7 bonus points for ending the game!

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