Creature Hunt Creature Hunt

For iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS*

Creature Hunt is a real world location based game that lets you try and capture Spore creatures that have begun to invade our world using your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS!*
Use the creature map to see where creatures near you are hiding. Go to their location and hit the target button to try and capture the creature. Try and see how many different types of creatures you can collect!

Creature Hunt uses the Spore API to access thousands of different creatures!
If you own the game Spore and share your creatures online, some of the creatures you find could be ones you've created!

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Game Tips:

+ You must be close to a creature to capture it. If you hit the target button and you don't capture a creature try getting closer.

+ It's best to play outside to in order to get accurate locations. If an accurate location can't be obtained you won't be able to capture creatures. Try to be at a location with a clear view to the sky.

+ Creatures are always moving. Check back periodically to see if any has moved close by.

+ The more creatures you capture in a given area the fewer number of new ones will appear there. Try going to different places to find more creatures.

+ Sometimes creatures will escape from you when you get to their location. If one gets away you'll have to try and capture a different one.

+ Captured a creature you don't like? You can release creatures back into the wild from the creature detail screen.

Never try to capture a creature that is on private property or otherwise not accessible!
Remember, creatures are always moving. Check back later when they are in a better location.

*Creature Hunt is for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS only. It requires an internet connection and accurate GPS.
**Creature Hunt is in no way affiliated with the makers of Spore or Electronics Arts Inc.

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